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With all three codes (Flat/Jumps/All Weather) showing a profit…these guys could well be the future of horse racing tipping. With sophisticated self-learning models using the latest technology in artificial intelligence, AI Racing are able to stay two steps ahead of the bookmakers.


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The AI Racing models have been built solely to make consistent profits from horse racing each and every year. To do this the AI Racing belief is that you need to be following a proven system.

That system must be well-managed…with value at it’s heart.

Sticking to the rules and being disciplined is key.

The AI Racing models are built with 55 key variables in place, which, in turn, create a total of 653 different factors for every horse…with absolutely zero human input!

Yep, no tipster’s opinion or hours of form reading…just proven variables that take the guesswork out of finding winners.

For every horse in every race AI Racing studies the same 653 factors…and never deviates from the system rules.

AI Racing is based on investing. A bit like the stocks and shares…but with horse racing results driving the profit.

Some punters will have varied approaches to their betting in the aim of making long term profits. However, if you were investing, you would never empty your bank account and pile it all into a stock that was overpriced… so why do that with your betting?

AI Racing studies every horse running and assign what it believes to be a fair price for that horse’s chance. If that price is above what is available from the bookies then the system simply walks away from that horse.

The beauty of AI Racing is that it uses the latest technology in AI. Each model continues to learn and improve its selections. A weekly batch of results are fed into each model to retrain, relearn and improve…keeping it at least two steps ahead of the bookies!

The important thing to bear in mind is that you won’t make profit every week…that is just a fact of life with any horse racing service. It’s exactly the same as the stock market. Sometimes stocks go up and sometimes they go down. However, over time you will be ahead. If you consistently follow the same proven strategy and apply the simple betting bank to protect yourself from the losing runs, you will get to sit back and watch your pot grow and grow.


AI Racing service have fine-tuned their models across the FLAT, JUMPS and ALL WEATHER RACING…giving you a constant stream of profit!


These days there is pretty much National Hunt (jumps) racing all-year-round.

The hotter months covered by the popular summer jumping fixtures, while the main season for the hedgehoppers tends to run between November and April each year.

The fact that horses over the jumps appear year-after-year, and generally having a longer racing life than flat horses, gives the AI Racing Jumps model many years of data for horses actively racing right now.

Add in all the big jumping festivals – like the Cheltenham Festival and the Aintree Grand National Meeting – then there’s also many big paydays to be had around the showcase meetings.

Between 16/05/19 and 22/03/20 AI Racing Jump made a profit of 178.14 points using BOG bookies. GIVING A TOTAL PROFIT OF £4,453.50 WHEN STAKING £25 PER POINT.




The flat season runs from the end of March until the end of November…giving you around eight months action!

AI Racing Flat will cover the every day flat turf meetings during this eight month period…plus a load of extra evening racing fixtures during the summer months for you to get your teeth into.

Throw into the mix all the big flat festivals – like Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and the York Ebor Meeting – and there’s many big paydays to be had.

Between 16/05/19 and 23/03/20 AI Racing Flat made a profit of 162.46 points using BOG bookies. GIVING A TOTAL PROFIT OF £4,061.50 WHEN STAKING £25 PER POINT.



Generally, the All Weather season runs during the winter months and is at it’s peak between October and March.

There is racing virtually every day on the All Weather courses during this period. Many venues now have floodlit tracks…so the action can continue long into the night.

The main All Weather tracks in the UK are Kempton, Lingfield, Southwell, Wolverhampton, Newcastle and Chelmsford…so there are plenty of options for punters across the country to profit from the sand action.

All Weather racing gives horses that run on the turf during the summer a chance to carry on racing…but many horses become specialists on the sand.

Between 21/05/19 and 20/03/20 AI Racing All Weather made a profit of 25.33 points using BOG bookies. GIVING A TOTAL PROFIT OF £633.25 WHEN STAKING £25 PER POINT. 

More about AI Racing – And the Service Going Forward


The AI Racing methodology follows a thoroughly thought out system that has consistently delivered big profits. It is based upon several core beliefs:

  1. The system must be well-managed, as getting value key. For example – you won’t generate long term profits from piling into short-priced favourites as markets are inefficient and that’s what bookies want you to do.
  2. You must stick to the rules and being remain disciplined. For example –You can’t just take prices the night before as the bookmakers will shut you down.

AI Racing’s models study every horse running and assign what it believes to be a fair price for that horse’s chance. If that price is above what is available from the bookies, then it simply walks away from that horse. However, in the instance that the model believes the market has the price all wrong – For example, say that every man and their dog are backing a short-priced favourite because the trainer says it’s “well-in”, then in this case AI Racing have a bet and we get value.

The important thing to bear in mind, is that you won’t make profit every week – that is just a fact of life with any horse racing service. If there was an investment opportunity out there that made you money every week, every month and every year then we’d all own it!

Quit trying to chase profits each day and follow the AI way of making long term profits.


With the AI RACING service having ‘fine-tuned’ their models across the FLAT, JUMPS and ALL WEATHER RACING, then their members can pick and choose what kind of racing best suits them.

Many punters have a favourite code – some like the jumps and hate the flat and vice versa!

Or, if you like action all the time then AI RACING also offers several ‘bulk saving’ options so that you can get their selections across two or ALL three of their models.


How Does It Work

How Will I Receive My Tips?

Delivered by e-mail & also available in your members’ area, plus you’ll receive a notification e-mail if there is ‘no bet’ that day.

When Will I Receive My Tips?

Tips are delivered each day around 08:30-9am

How Many Tips Per Week?

If you like plenty of action, then AI Racing will be right up your street with approx. 2-3 bets given each day, which equates to an average of around 14-21 bets each week.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

You’ll receive a welcome e-mail explaining how the service works. This will include important information of how you can login to your personal members’ account at via the login/register at the top of every page!

From here you’ll see your members’ area and be in complete control of your account – you can cancel your service (s) here, update your details and also see all your payment history!

Daily tips for AI Racing can be viewed in the members’ area, as well as being emailed out to members.

Plus, our customer service team are always on hand should you need any further assistance.

What Is The Advised Staking Plan?

Each bet is given a 1-5pt staking plan when advised each day.

What Is My Starting Bank?

Starting bank is advised between 150-200pts

How Long Has The Service Been Running?

AI Racing service started proofing with us in May 2019.

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel at any time. As mentioned above, you can cancel via your members’ area and we’re always here to help – if you prefer, just drop us an e-mail or phone call and we can cancel the service for you and e-mail you confirmation once this has been done.

JOIN NOW to secure your place on this revolutionary tipping service!

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This service could well be something of a tipping revolution – you do not want to miss out.